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Modern Home Decor Ideas

Do you want to decorate your home in a modern style, but not sure where to start? The design world is ever-changing and there are so many trends out there that it can be hard to know which ones will look good in your home and which ones will just end up looking dated.


Modern Home Decor Ideas

We've put together some of the best modern interior home decor ideas to help you get started. From simple tips like using colours to brighten up a room, to more detailed ideas to decorate your home with. We’ll also give you tips for decorating on a budget and how to do it yourself.

Modern Decorating Trends

As we mentioned, trends in interior design are always changing. However, every year there seem to be a few trends that really stand out from the rest as the most popular or most creative ones to hit the market that year. Here’s a list of our favourite simple home décor ideas and trends that gained popularity this year:

#1 – Dark Colours on Walls

This trend started with the popular black or dark charcoal on outside walls and has merged into some stunning dark colour choices for inside walls. Blues seem to have taken over as the colour of choice with a lot of navy and dark blue making their way into homes this year.

#2 – Floral Wallpaper

Wallpaper has always been a popular design trend, but we saw the advent of the floral theme coming to life. In years past, we saw African prints, animal prints, and monochrome prints taking over, but this year it’s been all about flower power.

#3 – Goodbye To White Kitchens

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White and neutrals have been a popular colour palette for modern kitchens for years now. This year saw a change coming into many modern kitchens through colour. Coloured cabinets in bright colours like purples, blues, greens and reds with neutral walls and floors became a popular trend over the year.

Modern Decorating On A Budget

When it comes to home décor tips and ideas when decorating on a budget, there are so many great ways you can completely transform a room without having to spend a lot of bucks.

  • Start with a budget – knowing your price range is the first step in sticking to it. If you don’t set a budget, it is much easier to go over it than if you’re conscious of what your limit is and the budget boundaries you need to stay within.

  • Reuse & upcycle – instead of buying new furniture or home décor pieces to decorate your home, consider reupholstering or upcycling old furniture. It is cheaper to reupholster a good-condition couch than it is to buy a new one for example. You can also try things like putting new lampshades on old lamps, changing cushions or simply buying a new rug to modernise a room without spending a lot of money.

  • Barter & Trade – perhaps you have a friend or family member that is looking for something you have that they can trade with you for something they have? A new chair or desk will transform an old room in no time, and you don’t have to spend any money at all.

  • Paint Can Transform – whether it’s giving an old table a new coat of paint, or painting an entire room a new colour, painting can often transform a room in a way you never imagined. If you paint a space or an item to give it a new lease on life, you may not even have to change anything else.

Tips for DIY Decorating Your Home

Using an interior designer to decorate your home is a luxury that many cash-strapped South Africans can’t afford. Luckily, there is a lot of information out there from experts that can help us do our very own DIY decorating. Interior designers all agree that these are the key elements to getting DIY decorating right, every time:

  • Keep your walls neutral because this allows you to bring colour in with furniture and other accents. Unless you’re wanting to create an accent wall, then you can play with colour.

  • Putting mirrors in rooms makes them appear bigger and lighter. Some designers say you should have one mirror in every room in your house.

  • Choose your lighting carefully. Layering your light between ceiling lights, and other decorative lighting is important to creating a warm ambience in your home.

  • If you put a rug in a room, like in a living room or dining room, make sure it is placed slightly under the furniture. This helps to make it look like a part of the furniture and to cohesively merge the chairs with the rug and the rest of the space.

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How can I decorate my home with simple things?

Whether you’re decorating on a budget or doing DIY decorating, our blog above will give you inspiring, simple design ideas.

What are some cool room decorating ideas?

Paint can transform a room in the biggest way possible, so consider repainting a room in neutral colours with an accent wall in a bold colour or even wallpaper.

What are the best home decor tips?

Read our blog above for the latest trends in modern home décor as well as how to decorate on a budget.

Is It expensive to revamp your home?

Revamping your entire home can be costly, but we give you ideas on how to decorate on a budget in the blog above.

What are the latest home decor trends?

This year has seen some exciting new décor trends emerge, read our blog to find out more.

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