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4 Ways to Make Doing the Laundry Easy and Fast

Does washing clothes take up too much of your time? Read our laundry tips to find out how you can speed it up or make it more enjoyable!


Doing the laundry

For some people, especially those with families, laundry is an almost daily task and it takes up so much time! Here are some tips to make the laundry chore easier so you can make more time for other errands or hobbies throughout the day:

Here are the 4 ways to make doing the laundry easy and fast:

  1. Sort Laundry even before Laundry Day

    One of the simplest ways to make laundry quicker is by having different laundry baskets for immediate sorting! Prepare different hampers for whites, delicates, denim, and colored clothes, and dump your dirty clothes in the right hamper right away. This saves you from sorting them on laundry day! Once a hamper fills up, toss it in the machine. Ready for washing!

  2. Get Rid of Stains Using a Trusted Detergent:

    We suggest using a tried-and-tested stain-removal detergent! This saves you time from DIY-ing (which don’t always work!) and keeps your clothes intact. This saves you from the heartbreak of ruining a shirt or top after using toothpaste to remove a stain.

  3. Wash Laundry in the Morning:

    Doing the laundry in the morning helps you get rid of this time-consuming chore immediately AND will make you feel accomplished once you finish it!

  4. Get the Family to Help Out:

    Getting your family involved in helping with the laundry won’t just speed things up, it can also make it more fun! Here are some ideas to get your kids loading the machine: a. Make it a friendly competition: have a small prize for the fastest child that can sort their dirty clothes into the different categories! This teaches them the value of sorting and saves you time! b. Play favorite songs you can sing along to: loudly and proudly sing along while doing the laundry together; it’ll make it way more fun and memorable! c. Maximize the teaching opportunity: your kids will need to do the laundry at some point in their lives. Now’s a good time to teach them!

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Laundry is a chore we can’t escape from and it truly takes up a lot of time. Be efficient with it and you’ll be able to make time for the activities you actually enjoy!

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