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4 Top Hacks to Keep Your Clothes Staying Soft and Feeling New

Your routine might be the cause of your clothes losing its pristine texture.


Soft Clothes

Do you have a favorite top or pair of jeans or a top you love to wear? We bet they fit you just right and feel comfortable and soft against your skin. You can preserve their softness for longer using some simple laundry tips and tricks.

Know how you can preserve your clothes' softness for longer using some simple laundry tips and tricks.

  1. Ensure you read the fabric care instructions:

    These are present in the clothing tags for a reason and will help you retain the shape, color, and quality of your clothing.

  2. Pre-Soak Your Clothes:

    Soaking helps loosen the stains and facilitates stain removal without the need for excessive scrubbing. Add a cup of salt in a bucket of lukewarm water and soak your garments in it overnight. The next day, wash your laundry either through handwash or a gentle setting in the washing machine.

  3. Use a quality Fabric Softener:

    A good fabric softener conditions your clothes to preserve their softness and keep them smelling great. For best results, try using a high quality fabric conditioner such as Comfort which you can easily buy in your local supermarket or even online. It keeps clothes fibers intact, thus making the fabric soft and smooth. As a bonus it also adds a mild fragrance to the fabric.

  4. Always follow safe laundry practices:

    Follow a few safe laundry practices to maintain the color and shape of your garments. Separate your whites, light-colored and dark-colored clothing. But your intimates or even your special clothes (like your office wears or favorite shirts because why not!) in laundry bags when washing them in the machine.

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