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How to Get Clean and Fresh Bath Towels 

A perfect shower experience is incomplete without fresh towels! Read on for tips on how to keep towels fresh and fluffy clean!


How to Get Clean and Fresh Bath Towels

Bath towels not only gently pat us dry , they’re also packed with days or even weeks of dead skin cells. Yuck!

Napakalinaw po. Washing towels correctly and making them fluffy fresh is the gold standard. Here we answer some everyday questions that clear up the issue of our twalyang pangarawaraw.

Don’t know how to get fluffy great smelling towels? Use a laundry detergent and always remember to remove towels from the washing machine right after the cycle is finished. If left wet for too long, mildew can start to grow and your towels will develop an unwanted musty kulob smell!

How often should we be washing towels?

Every time you dry your body with a towel you brush off dead skin cells, even after washing. These dead cells collect in the fibers of your towel and breed germs in the moisture. Kaya, you should wash towels once a week, or after every three to five uses. On a day-to-day basis, hang up your towel to dry after every wash, being careful to avoid bunching so it can dry out properly.

What’s the best way to wash towels?

The best way to wash towels is on high heat using quality laundry detergent. If you're looking for how to wash towels soft, you can use a fabric conditioner like to help make them soft and fluffy. Always remember to check the care label before washing.

Always remove towels from the machine as soon as the cycle has finished to prevent mildew or amag.

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Tumble drying on high heat will help if you need to know how to keep towels soft and fluffy, but if you don’t have a tumble dryer, hang your towels outside to dry in the sun. Both methods will help sanitize your towels further but a tumble dryer can actually kill more germs than the wash itself. Alternating between the two (tumble drying for 20 minutes before hanging on a clothesline) will help protect the fibers of your towel and produce the best results.

Once your towel is completely dry, carefully fold and store in a cabinet or drawer.

Do I need to wash new towels?

It’s a good idea to wash new towels before you use them at home, just to make sure they’re clean before you use them. Use fabric conditioner or quality detergent to keep them clean and soft.

Can you wash towels with other clothes?

Even the softest towels are made from pretty sturdy stuff, so it’s important that you don’t treat them in the same way as you would your clothes. Towels could damage the fibers of more delicate clothing items, so it’s best to wash towels separately. To make the laundry process even easier, try scheduling a day for washing towels and other big heavy items! Washing towels separately is a simple but effective method to get fluffy towels!

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Frequently asked questions on cleaning bath towels

Can you wash towels with other clothes without the color bleeding?

Towels often come in various shapes, sizes and colors, because of that you may ask, can you wash towels with white clothes, without the color bleeding? Not really, it is best to play it safe and keep your jazzy colored towels separate from your clothes, especially your white clothes.

How long are bath towels good for?

Like all good things, towels come to end but how long are bath towels good for? About 2 years is recommended to keep a towel, but there are signs you may notice that your towel is on its last legs early. If after using your towel there is a damp and musty smell it may mean it is time to look into replacing it.

How many bath towels can go in the washing machine at the same time?

If you are doing multiple people’s washing at the same time you may ask yourself how many bath towels can go in a washing machine? It is best to avoid overloading your washing machine, so try not to wash more than 6-7 at the same time (depending on the size of your washing machine drum, of course).

How should you store wet towels before washing them?

Throwing wet towels straight into a laundry hamper can mean spreading a musty, damp smell across all your laundry. So, how do you store wet towels before washing them? Leave them to dry, much like you usually would. If you have a drying rack or towel bar, leave the used towel up to dry for a day or two and let it air dry before throwing it into the washing machine along with your other laundry.

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