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4 Ways to Make Doing Laundry Easy and Fast: Laundry Hacks and Tips

Is washing clothes taking up too much of your time? Read our laundry hacks to find out how you can speed it up and get the whole family involved!


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Whether you’re trying to get your kids involved and make laundry more fun, or just want to speed up the process, there are a ton of laundry hacks that can make the job that bit easier. With a task that you have to do so frequently, it’s definitely worth learning how to do laundry like a pro! So, follow the tips in this article and you’ll soon be looking forward to laundry day.

Always keep a second bottle of Surf Liquid Detergent in your cupboard, so you know you’ll never run out on laundry day!

How to Sort Laundry for Quicker Washing

One of the simplest laundry hacks and tips that can make a whole lot of difference is to organise your clothes rather than bundling them all into one basket. Do this throughout the week, and once it’s laundry time, you’ll be ready to go. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Consider how you sort your washing, such as whether you separate delicates from denim, or colours from lights.

  • Buy a laundry basket or container for each category, and label it clearly.

  • Whenever you put your dirty clothes out, put them into the correct container.

  • As each one fills up, simply chuck the whole contents into the machine, ready to wash. Simple!

With this easy solution for how to sort laundry, you’ll never have to sort through and separate your dirty washing again. It also makes it easier for others in your home to do it, too.

Get Rid of Stains Easily

If you spot a stain before washing, use these laundry hacks for removing them easily:

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  • Rub chalk over a grease stain before washing.

  • Squirt hand sanitizer onto ink stains 10 minutes before washing.

  • Use plain white toothpaste to get rid of grass stains. Simply squeeze, scrub, and wash!

How to Do Laundry With Kids

Getting your kids involved in helping with the laundry won’t just speed things up, it can also make it far more fun! Here are some ideas to get your little ones loading the machine:

  • Find a quality detergent – we recommend Surf Liquid Detergent – and then let your kids choose a scent each. They’ll be excited that they get to choose, and will be more interested in getting involved in the actual laundry. Remember to always read the label before using a new product.

  • Make it a competition – have a small prize for the child that can get the dirty clothes from their room and sorted into categories by the washing machine the quickest.

  • Play their favourite songs loudly and sing along whilst doing the laundry together; it’ll make it way more fun!

Set up a Family Routine

Struggling to figure out how to get the family involved in the laundry? Set up a routine and put it somewhere everyone can see it, for example on a chalkboard in the kitchen. As an incentive, let everyone know that if they stick to their laundry chores, you’ll treat them all to a day out or fancy dinner every month.

Laundry is something that we all have to do, but learning how to do laundry quickly and easily can make it a whole lot nicer! Remember these little hacks and you’ll be on your way to quicker laundry in no time.

Person putting laundry in the washing machine

* Use separate baskets to sort your laundry throughout the week

  • Get the kids involved by introducing competitions and making it fun

  • Use stain removal laundry hacks to save clothes from messy disasters

  • Set up a routine involving the whole family

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