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Tips for Work From Home Set-Up on a Budget

On a budget? Check out our guide on how you can have your very own WFH set-up!


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Working from home can be 10x better when you have your own workstation! Design your own smart budget-friendly workspace today!

A home office can help boost productivity.

Nowadays, iba na ang trabaho. But whether you're working from home permanently or a few times a week, you still need a clean, organized and comfortable space where you can focus your mind. As a matter of fact, cleanliness and order for your home office may matter more than ever.

Read our handy guide on creating a productivity-inducing workspace including home office storage tips and even some good home office ideas on a budget.

Finding ways to separate your work space from the rest of your home will help you mentally partition the two and make you enormously more productive.

1. Create a healthy separation of home and office

Have you been lucky enough to land a job that you can do with no commute, while wearing your pajamas? Working from home saves both time and money. The trick to maintaining productivity is to create professionalism at home. Good home office ideas include having a designated work space and being strict with yourself about not trying to do anything elsewhere (no taking your laptop to bed!). We find setting up something as simple as a work table really helps!

2. Make a list of must-haves before purchasing items for your home office

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You’re going to need the basics: table, chair and laptop (that’s hopefully provided by your company). From there, here are other must-haves:

  • To keep your things organized, find efficient storage solutions that fit in your office

  • Depending on your line of work, identify what’s truly necessary: do you really need a printer? Do you really need 10 different colored pens?

  • Prioritize your list before purchasing: is an office chair more important than a separate monitor?

3. Be practical even in small ways

It can get pricey to work from home so make sure you remain practical. Buy only what you need. There are many options online that allows you to have cute office spaces while still keeping to a budget!

  • Try to position your workspace into space with natural lighting so you wont need the lights in the morning .

  • Buy your office supplies in bulk! They’re usually cheaper!

  • When you can, use existing home furniture such as a comfortable chair that keeps you upright instead of buying a new office chair.

  • Unplug and turn off your laptop and gadgets to lessen electricity consumption .

  • Get into the minimalist trend! Less things mean less clutter which means more focus!

Bonus tips: Ideas to help you focus during work from home

When you’re in your own space it can sometimes be difficult to shut out what’s going on in the rest of your life when you need to work, so here are some home office ideas to keep you locked in:

  • Stick to a tight schedule. Disiplina ang kailangan. Try to clock in and out at the same time every day, as you would in an office. Over time you’ll get naturally into work-mode at certain points of the day/week and create a healthy work-life balance.

  • Try to have some physical barrier between you and the rest of the house. Even if your workspace isn’t a whole room, curtains, partitions or even a big plant can help give you that sense of separation.

  • If you find yourself obsessing on non-work problems, write down a list of worries before you start. This will get them out of your head and give you the reassurance that you won’t forget anything that needs to be dealt with later.

Working from home can be great – it’s easier and nicer in a lot of ways. The trick to making it work is creating a clear separation between your professional and home life. Get inspired by our tips and office organization ideas, and create a calm environment that helps you be productive and focused at home.

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