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Tips for decluttering your closet

Read on to discover our top tips for decluttering your closet together with some great closet organizer ideas, to finally wave goodbye to that heaving pile of mess!


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Key steps

  • Keep on top of clutter. Don’t leave it until you're moving to a new house to declutter your closet. It’s best to try and declutter every few months.

  • Be honest with yourself – will you really use those clothes in the next 6 months?

  • When decluttering, organize your clothes into Selling, Donating and Fixing piles. 

No matter how many times you tell yourself that you don’t have that many clothes, a bursting closet never lies. If you find yourself sorting through heaps of clothes, shoes and accessories every morning to find your work clothes, it's time to tidy. The task of decluttering a closet can seem daunting, but we've put together a handy guide to see you through decluttering your clothes. We've also created the ultimate list of decluttering closet tips. 

To prevent decluttering from being overwhelming, segment the process into sizable portions.

Tips for decluttering closets

Bags, belts, clothes, shoes – if you've reached the point where you’re asking yourself, 'How on earth will decluttering my closet be possible?', this article's for you. We've gathered together top tips and a checklist of rules you can use to make decluttering manageable and stress-free.

How often do we need to declutter the closet?

Before it gets out of control and the thought of having to declutter the closet becomes overwhelming, it's a good idea to keep revisiting and 'editing' your wardrobe. 

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Every 3 months is a good starting point, but do try and declutter whenever you make new purchases that add to your wardrobe. A once-a-year thorough spring clean is also highly recommended to preserve the quality and freshness of your clothes.  

Decluttering my closet: 10 questions to ask

When you finally decide to declutter your wardrobe, these questions will help you sort between what you’re going to say goodbye to and what you’re going to keep. Try asking yourself:

  1. Have I used this item in the last 3 months?

  2. Does it still fit me and is it comfortable?

  3. Is this still my style and does it fit with the rest of my wardrobe? If in doubt, get a second opinion.

  4. Will I use this item in the near future? 

  5. How old is this piece of clothing?

  6. Does it have a special meaning?

  7. How is it valuable?

  8. Is it in good condition? Is it stained or torn?

  9. Can it be sold? 

  10. Can it be donated?  

When answering these questions, be honest with yourself – are you really going to get around to sewing up that old T-shirt?

Decluttering closet tips: what to do

Let’s face it, most of the time we put off decluttering clothes it’s because we have no idea what to do with the items we no longer want or need. 

The best way to declutter your wardrobe is to:

  1. Put clothes you no longer want that are valuable and/or in pristine condition in a bag to be sold or donated. There are many apps for selling used clothes online, so have a browse and find one you trust. 

  2. But! Before you decide to donate anything to charity, check whether friends or family members might want it. That one dress might just be a perfect fit for your cousin!

  3. Put clothes that are unsuitable for donating or selling in a bin bag and throw them away.

  4. Put the clothes that you might want to customize in another bag – maybe you’ve changed a dress size, or you want the length of your trousers shortened, and so on. This is also a good test! If you leave this bag lying around the house for months, then it means you’re probably better off parting with these items. 

Closet storage ideas: the follow-up to decluttering

Congratulations! You’ve decluttered your closet. So why is it still looking messy? Here are some hacks and closet organizer ideas to optimize the space you have: 

  1. A set of additional drawers under your hanging clothes is a must.

  2. Invest in baskets and dividers. 

  3. Shelves come in handy for storing bags and shoes. 

  4. Hooks are also useful to store jewelry, bags, belts and hats. 

  5. If you have one too many drawers, baskets, or boxes, don’t be afraid to label them with what they're storing – this will make your life easier.  

With these top tips, the next time you open your wardrobe, you'll feel satisfaction in knowing that everything is where it should be.

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