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Small home office ideas: How to organize a small home workspace

Get your workspace in order with these quick and easy small home office ideas.


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Cheer up your home workspace with these clever organizational small office ideas and tricks for a tidy study. From fun yet functional desk ideas that help declutter your office space to tips on making use of “dead” space, we can help!

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Small home office ideas: Top 4 organizational and decoration ideas

From getting your office wall décor right to making items in your office multi-use, there are plenty of ways you can make the most of the space you have in your office.

Here are our top 4 ideas:

1. Keep the clutter hidden or at least organized!

  • The last thing you need in a small space if to have ‘stuff’ everywhere!

  • Use a cupboard along with boxes, baskets, folders and pots to keep your paperwork and office essentials organized.

  • Double up your office table decoration ideas as storage. Keep pens and pencils organised in beautifully decorated pots or vases.

2. Utilize ‘dead’ space

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When you have a small space, the best way to make the most of it is to utilize areas you wouldn’t normally think of for storage.

  • Walls are your best friend! Add DIY office décor by hanging picture frames instead of standing them on your desk.

  • Install vertical storage solutions such as tall bookshelves or wall mounted cupboards.

  • Think about collapsible or wall mounted desks that you can close down when not in use to free up space in the room.

3. Make your desk do more

Whether your office space is in the living room or bedroom, here’s some study desk ideas to make it do more by making it multi-purpose:

  • Double it up as a dressing table. This will allow you not only to get to work but also allow you to get yourself ready in the morning.

  • Double it up as a media centre. This works particularly well if you have mounted your TV on the wall!

  • Learn how to organize and tidy your desk to get the most from the space available.

4. Get the decoration right!

The best way to make a small office space feel bigger is to use decoration to give it a light and airy feel.

  • Paint walls with neutral colors such as white, grey, and cream.

  • Avoid clutter in the form of ornaments and trinkets – keep it minimalist.

  • Add interest with a couple of plants on the window sill or in the corner of rooms.

  • Introduce colour with accessories such as lampshades, blinds or curtains, and rugs.

With these four super simple small home office ideas, you can now make sure you keep your office space clean, tidy and organized.

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