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Living room ideas for small spaces: tips and tricks

We’ve got plenty of handy living room ideas for small spaces. From storage optimization with shelf space to modern living room ideas for the smaller home.


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If your living room is on the smaller side, you’ll be wanting some living room ideas for small spaces. Create a more organized, calm atmosphere with different minimalist living room ideas. This guide will walk you through different DIY living room décor, as well as how to declutter your home with clever storage tips.

Use dual purpose furniture that is both functional and provides storage. You can also consider floor-to-ceiling shelving to really up your storage capacity.

Living room décor ideas

Take advantage of what you already have lying around the house to make DIY living room décor. This is a fantastic way to declutter your home and decorate your living space at the same time! Here are a few DIY modern living room ideas:

  1. Use wooden grates or boxes to make your own coffee table. Simply sand them down and paint them how you like for a lovely, rustic table.

  2. Gather recyclable jars and cans to make beautiful flower arrangements. This makes for visually-appealing DIY living room décor that couldn’t be easier!

  3. Make an alcohol station and a stylish end table all in one with an old wooden cart.

  4. Place shelves on the walls to hold picture frames, plants, books, and other items.

  5. There are plenty of simple living room ideas that require little time and make use of recyclable material. Not to mention, they will make your tiny living room look fabulous!

Living room ideas for small spaces: increasing storage

It’s easy to forget about storage capacity in living rooms, especially when we are so focused on making it a comfortable space to socialize and relax. However, if you’re tight on space, it may be worth contemplating the very small living room ideas for storage optimization.

One of our simple living room ideas for anyone with a smaller space is to take advantage of the furniture you already have. For example:

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  • Plenty of sofas now come with built-in storage underneath the seats.

  • Store some books or DVDs to create a less cluttered vibe in your living room.

  • It may also be worth investing in a coffee table that doubles as a large storage box. This can be a great space for little odds and ends that don’t fit in anywhere else.

Simple living room ideas: top tips

If your living room is very tiny, don’t panic! There is always a way to find storage and create a light, open atmosphere. Here are more tips if you’re in desperate need of very small living room ideas for maximizing space:

  1. Invest in floor-to-ceiling book shelves to use as much vertical space as possible.

  2. Utilize the space under the stairs with shelving to store as much as possible without creating a mess.

  3. Use movable and foldable furniture that you can move whenever you need to free up the space if you fancy doing yoga in your living room.

  4. Opt for light colors for the walls and furniture.

  5. Mirrors could help add that extra something to making the room feel larger.

  6. Say no to dark and heavy wooden furniture that’s way too large for your space.

There you have it: living room décor ideas and storage tips for small living rooms. Whether you live in a tiny house or you simply value a more minimalist lifestyle, you never have to sacrifice an amazing living space. There are always ways to save on space and declutter so that you can enjoy your home to the fullest.

Try these very small living room ideas and see for yourself just how enjoyable small spaces can be. And when you’re done organizing and redecorating, continue reading Wiki Tips English to discover how you can maintain a tidy living room with ease!

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