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How to Remove the Smell of Smoke in Your Home

Cigarette smoke can linger in carpets, curtains, and upholstery. Find out how to remove the smell of smoke in your home with these useful tips!


Window open, learn how to remove the smell of smoke from your home

Many of us pledge to ditch the cigarettes – usually as part of a new health initiative. But while cigarettes can be tough to say goodbye to, so is the smell of smoke they leave behind in your house, especially if you light up indoors.

If you’ve been trying to shift smoke smell from a room without success, don’t worry: there is light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve collated an array of solutions to show you how to get rid of cigarette smoke smell in a matter of minutes.

To replace smoky odors on fabric with a wonderfully fresh scent, use a fragranced detergent like Surf Blossom Fresh in the wash. Remember to read the care label first.

3 Tips on How to Remove Smell of Smoke From the House Before it Settles

Our first three tips run through the easiest way to keep from smelling smoke in a room: by preventing the odor from developing. If you have no particular desire to quit smoking, these pain-free and cost-free tips are the first steps to preventing cigarette smell from building up in a room.

  1. Avoid smoking indoors at all costs. When the weather is bad, it can be hard to bring yourself to step outside. If you can’t take the plunge, smoke near an external window as this will help the smoke to drift out of the room.

  2. Ventilate your room after smoking. Create a draft running through the room to allow fresh air in after you smoke.

  3. Clean out ashtrays regularly. Removing ash and cigarette butts from your ashtrays on a regular basis prevents them from emanating bad odors.

As mentioned before, these solutions are hassle-free, banishing the smell of smoke swiftly.

7 Tips on How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smoke Smell in a Room Completely

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If the smell of smoke is still lingering in your home and on your furniture, there’s no need to panic – after a long period of smoking indoors, it can take a while to dissipate. There are many strategies to give the smell that final push out of your home forever. Here are our top seven methods for removing smoke smell!

  • Use an odor eliminator. Rather than covering up the smell, these products can help remove it entirely, and are particularly good for furniture. Always ventilate the affected area before and after to get the best results, and read the instructions on the label.

  • Install an air purifier. Air purifiers help remove contaminants from the air. These devices are an excellent way to keep you from smelling smoke constantly, and they also help shift dust and dirt. Make sure that you follow any directions in the manufacturer’s manual.

  • Clean your carpets. Carpets tend to absorb odor, making this method one to keep in mind when you’re considering how to get rid of smoke smells in a carpeted room. You can either opt for commercial carpet cleaners that you can use yourself, or choose a professional cleaning service for a slightly higher price. Make sure that you follow any directions in the owner’s manual.

  • Clean any glass and mirrors. Glass and mirrors actually attract a great amount of cigarette smoke. Wash the surfaces with vinegar, and then follow up by rinsing them down with water. You are advised to test a small, inconspicuous area first. You can also use a glass cleaner – just follow the instructions on the label and test a small area first.

  • Wash any fabric in the room. Smoke lingering in fabric, whether it be a curtain or a sofa cover, can be extremely off-putting and even rather nauseating to come into contact with. Washing these either by hand or in the washing machine is a great way to eliminate the smell of smoke, substantially reducing the presence of lingering ash or particles causing the odor. Remember to check the label of any fabric item for washing advice – many, but not all, fabrics are machine washable.

  • Wash walls and ceilings. For a thorough clean of your room, you really need to tackle the walls and ceilings, as they will retain the smoke. Use cleaning products that contain ammonia and glycol to neutralize the smell ­– these are harsh chemicals so should be tested on a small area first to ensure the paint can withstand them. Also appropriate safety protection should be worn when using chemicals and children and pets kept out of the room.

  • Re-upholster furniture. If you’re not planning on smoking inside again, and have a little extra cash to splash, re-upholstering your furniture will automatically get rid of smoky smells caught in the fabric.

Now you know how to get rid of the smell of smoke in the house, it should be easy to freshen up your home and give up cigarettes for good. Give it a try!

  • Take preventative measures to stop smoke from settling in your home, like cleaning out ashtrays regularly.

  • If you still have a lingering smoke smell in your home, there are different strategies you can use to tackle the problem, such as deep cleaning your carpets.

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