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How to soundproof a room

Read on to discover our guide for how to make a room soundproof with these marvellously simple home solutions.


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Key steps

  • For basic soundproofing, use curtains or blankets.

  • Fit floor-to-ceiling bookshelves.

  • Add a door sweep or panel of wood to cover the gap at the base of your door.

  • Mount items which vibrate, such as your speakers.

  • Add a faux wall with thick, dense insulation behind the existing wall.

Unwanted noise can be more than a nuisance, sometimes feeling out of our control. Learn how to make a room soundproof effectively at a low cost with these simple home solutions.

For budget-friendly tips for soundproofing a room, why not add extra layers to your walls with something useful such as bookshelves, which have the added bonus of being additional storage!

How to soundproof a room : a simple guide to getting rid of unwanted noise

With some super simple steps, we’ll show you how to soundproof a room DIY style from curtains to additional room construction.

  1. If you only need a small amount of soundproofing, consider curtains or thick blankets. You can even purchase specialized heavy sound blankets.

  2. Want to add a bit of extra thickness to your walls for soundproofing? Why not use bookshelves? Covering an entire wall in ceiling to floor bookshelves is a great step in how to isolate sound in a room. Plus, it gives you plenty of storage for your own personal library.

  3. Install a door sweep. This is a rubber loop which can be attached to the bottom of your door, blocking the gap and therefore the sound! If the gap is too big to completely cover using a sweep, you could use a strip of wood instead. Simply nail it into place.

  4. Don’t forget to mount anything prone to causing vibrations. Items such as speakers can cause an annoying shaky, vibration sound so be sure to mount them using vibration insulation pads.

  5. Consider adding a little extra soundproof construction to your room. As it can take up additional space, this works better if you have a larger room. There are a few steps to do so, read on to discover how:

    • Build an extra wall frame from ceiling to floor a short distance from your existing wall.

    • Fill the space between the wall and frame with a thick, dense material.

    • Cover the frame with sheets of plasterboard.

Get away from the noise with these simple top tips for soundproofing a room with ease. Peace and quiet doesn’t have to cost the earth! Got the DIY bug? Why not check out these super achievable DIY curtain ideas ?

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