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Moving in: How to make a house a home

Get great tips on how to make a house a home on a budget with our handy guide.


Items in boxes during the process of moving into a new place

Once you’ve moved into a new property, you’ll want it to feel like home instantly– but where do you start? We’re here to guide you through how to make a house a home on a budget so that you can get everything in its place, and enjoy your new safe haven, without worrying about finances.

To make a home create a space that’s just for you. This could be a reading nook, a secret hidden room or a cosy bathroom ready for candle-lit bubble baths.

How to make a house homely: 4 simple tips

Here are our four top home tips to make a house a home. You don’t need a lot of money to add those perfect finishing touches – keep your eyes out for bargains on selling or swapping sites or give existing furniture a new lease of life with some paint.

  1. Get cleaning: the process of the last owner moving out and you moving in (especially if you do any DIY in the early days) can be a messy one. It may seem like an arduous task but an important way to make a home out of your new house is to give it a deep clean. 

  2. Decorate: a great way to put your own stamp on your new house is to decorate it. Add a feature wallpapered wall in your living room or a splash of your favourite colours painted in the kitchen walls. If you don’t want to go too mad on decorating just yet, then why not introduce colour through furnishings instead.

  3. Hang artwork or pictures:  Hanging frames filled with your favourite photos or holiday snaps on the walls and investing in canvases of your favourite art is a great way to add a personal touch and make a house a home.

  4. Invest in oversized mirrors: big mirrors are a great way to make a small area feel larger. If your new home is small, open it up by hanging an oversized mirror on the wall.

Make a house a home for even less

If the above tips still sound too expensive, and you don’t have the cash to splash on paint of accessories right now, then there are other things you can try. What makes a house a home is more than just the colour on the wall.

  • Encourage laughter and happiness: whether you have friends over for a few drinks to celebrate your new home or you plan to raise children here, make a house a home by filling it with happy memories from the start.

  • Create a sanctuary: from cosy bathrooms perfect for candle-lit bubble baths to a comfy reading corner with a giant armchair and fluffy cushion, everyone needs their own spot to relax and unwind. Decide what yours will be when you move in and get it set-up as a priority. After all, moving house can be stressful work!

  • Bring the outdoors in: you don’t have to keep buying expensive bouquets to add a bit of nature to your home. Invest in budget-friendly cacti, succulents or houseplants that are easy to care for and will brighten up your home. Or simply make use of natural light as much as you can – keep windows free from clutter, clean and open.

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Now you have some easy to follow home tips and we’ve helped you understand what makes a home you can be sure to get your new place clean and ready for your family in no time.

Key Steps

  • Add personal touches to make a home from your new house.

  • Create a space that is just for you to relax and unwind as soon as possible.

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