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How to Keep Your Home Germ-Free

Protect the entire family vs. germs.


Keep Your Home Clean and Safe

Top tips for a germ-free home

1. Keep viruses and bacteria outside.

  • Go out for essential errands only and carry antibacterial hand sanitizer with you for easy hand-cleaning.

  • When outside, refrain from touching public surfaces and items like stair handrails, doorknobs and tables.

  • Once you arrive home from errands, immediately change clothes and wash it with antibacterial detergent.

  • Have a no-shoes rule. Ensure that everyone removes their shoes before entering the house so that viruses and bacteria on the soles of shoes cannot spread onto floors, carpets and rugs. Immediately spray the soles of shoes with disinfectant solution.

2. Remember to always wash and dry your hands. This is especially important at times such as:

  • Before and after food preparation

  • After working with raw food

  • After using the toilet

  • After being in contact with a friend or family member who is unwell

  • After being outside, in particular if you have used public transport

  • Before eating

3. Organize your kitchen to prevent cross-contamination. Always keep raw and cooked food separate. Store cooked food above raw food, so that potentially contaminated raw food cannot drip onto cooked food. It’s also helpful to use different chopping boards for raw meat, cooked meat, vegetables and dairy. Disinfect your kitchen equipment before cooking.

4. Make sure that food is always cooked thoroughly. This will help you avoid bacteria most commonly found in raw meat. While steak and whole pieces of beef or lamb can be cooked rare, the same cannot be done with other animal products especially poultry, pork, and minced meat.

5. Clean all the surfaces around your home thoroughly and regularly. Wash, scrub, and wipe down surfaces such as kitchen counters, faucets, sinks, shower areas thoroughly. Also, clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, desks and stair handrails. These are surfaces touched by everyone at home.

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6. Thoroughly clean your toilet, especially after it has been used by someone with a stomach flu or infection. Use a strong pure bleach disinfectant made for toilet cleaning instead of a detergent–bleach mix. We recommend Domex - its thick bleach sticks to surfaces instead of washing off, ensuring total germ kill. Also, remember to wear protective gloves, keep the area well ventilated and read safety guidelines when you use disinfectants.

7. Regularly wash your clothes and bedsheets with antibacterial detergent and fabric conditioner. This may seem like an obvious point to make, but it is essential you regularly change your clothes and bedsheets over and wash them. This should be done at least once a week. We also recommend you use antibacterial detergent for effective germ-removal and antibacterial fabric conditioners for germ-protection.

8. Make sure you wash your cleaning cloths and trapos too. The cloths or basahan that you use to clean your home, from microfiber dust rags and washcloths, all need washing regularly in between uses. Replace them weekly.

9. Disinfect packages before opening. Receiving a parcel from your online shopping spree? Spray disinfectant solution and wipe down before opening.

10. Don’t forget to clean your tech stuff. Items such as laptops, TV remote controls, and cellphones are items we use often. Use a mild disinfecting wipe to clean these and prevent growth of viruses and bacteria.

Keep your family safe with these simple tips and build a germ-free home together.

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