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Home Celebration Ideas on a Budget

How you can celebrate milestones with your family at home--without worrying about your budget!


Home Celebration

A pandemic may stop you and your family members from celebrating big parties and being around all of your extended family and friends, but it won’t dampen chances to connect and make cherished memories even if you’re at home. And you don’t need to spend a lot in order to make these celebrations better. Here are some tips to make your home celebrations memorable—without going over your budget!

1. Host online parties: One of the more common practices given today’s situation is hosting parties online using applications like Zoom or Facebook Messenger. With these apps, you’re able to connect with all your loved ones, while keeping safe. An additional way to make these celebrations more enjoyable can be planning activities so that the calls are unique and memorable.

2. Spend time making homecooked meals: Not only can this be a great bonding activity, but it’s much cheaper than ordering food from delivery services.

3. It’s always a good idea to dress up: Just because you and your family are just at home, doesn’t mean a celebration—like a birthday—isn’t worth dressing up for. No need for new clothes, wear your favorite outfits or even find something you haven’t worn in a long time (don’t forget to wash it in the laundry first!) You can even have matching family outfits.

4. Arts and Crafts party: For those with younger kids, there are many tutorials online on arts and crafts activities using everyday items (so you don’t need to spend). From making Halloween slime to making Christmas cards, there are many activities that can make celebrations more enjoyable for the little ones in the comforts of your home.

5. Game Night with the family: For those with older kids, a fun bonding activity is a game night. Bring out the classic boardgames like Monopoly and Pictionary (so they don’t need to be on their phones). Or if you don’t have any boardgames there’s always Charades and classic Pinoy games like Pinoy Henyo. Game night never fails to be a memorable activity for all family members.

6. Karaoke! A Pinoy Party is never complete without Karaoke! For those without a Karaoke machine, singing along to YouTube will do just fine! There are many instrumental versions of songs online and the singing will always guarantee a fun time.

7. Get moving with a Zumba Party: For families who want more active celebrations, there are Zumba or work-out videos online that are free, so everyone can follow them together. It’s also a great way to keep the family healthy and moving!

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Today’s situation is a unique challenge for all of us. But even with the restrictions we should remember that are other ways to connect and make stronger bonds. After all, it’s not the location, but the people you are with, that make these moments memorable.

Home Celebration

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