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DIY shoe rack ideas for every home to try

Is an ever-growing pile of shoes taking up too much space and leaving your hallway feeling cluttered and unwelcome? Shew them away for good with these top shoe rack ideas and DIY shoe storage tips!


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Key steps

  • Before you decide to start making your own shoe rack, measure how much space you have available, and how many shoes you need to store. 

  • Decide on a style which best suits your taste and your home décor. After all, functionality and style go hand-in-hand.

  • Think repurposing rather than investing in new shoe cupboards, that way not only will you reduce costs, but you’ll also reduce waste. 

Are you tired of arriving home to a heap of messy shoes by your entrance door? Too many flip flops and not enough storage space? If so, let us inspire you with these great shoe storage ideas. We'll give you tips on easy-to-do shoe storage ideas for small spaces that are creative and stylish plus functional and classy DIY shoe organizers.  

For wooden-based racks, a coat of varnish can act as a waterproof and make your DIY shoe organizer easier to clean.

Shoe storage ideas: DIY shelving solutions

Say goodbye to the chaos with these shoe rack ideas:

  • Cardboard shoe rack. This is a good DIY shoe rack for the closet and hallway. It’s also easy and affordable, allowing you to recycle shoe boxes or other cardboard boxes that you may already have at home. Brighten them up with paint or cover with wrapping paper then stack the boxes together with colorful duct tape to create sets of shelves. You can also cut the cardboard, fold into triangles or hexagons and hold these together with colorful tape. Pile as many triangles as you need to store all your shoes. For extra strength, use a hot-glue gun to hold your DIY shoe storage in place. 

  • Wooden crate boxes. If your taste leans toward the farmhouse rustic then this DIY shoe organizer is for you. You’ll need wooden crate boxes (used for wine or fruits, etc). Stack the boxes together, adapting the design to the space you have available. Attach the boxes together with binder clips. To make it easier to clean, coat the wood with varnish.

  • Wooden pallets. Keeping with the rustic farmhouse style, you could also use wooden pallets against the wall as a shoe rack. Paint the pallet a color of your choice and turn the top part to the wall so it takes up minimal space.

  • Old stepladder. This one is an edgy and chic DIY shoe organizer. Just grab an old or broken stepladder from your utility room or a second-hand shop, re-paint it and place against the wall of your entrance hall.

  • Paint buckets or PVC pipe shoe storage. Choose the right size diameter piping and bucket to fit a pair of shoes. Glue as many pipes and buckets together as it takes to make a pyramid using super glue. 

Other DIY shoe storage ideas

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  • Instead of shelves, try storing your shoes in wicker baskets or large painted labelled buckets. You can put them under a bench or simply in a row by your entrance hall. You can also use milk crates of different colors as shoe trays. 

  • Another alternative is to use pressure rods and make your own shoe hangers out of drip-dry hangers. Just cut the hanger on both sides, toward the end. Using pliers, bend the wires down, far enough so that both ends cross. Then, bend the ends of the wire upward – this way they can hold your flip flops or sandals.

  • Mix and match the ideas above. For instance, the hangers can go on your adapted step ladder, while the buckets can be used alongside the cardboard shelf. If your shoes are wet or muddy, then the bucket is ideal, saving the shelf for clean and dry shoes. 

It's easy to give your home a clean and sleek feel with these shoe storage ideas for small spaces and beyond!

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