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5 straightforward yet stylish DIY curtain ideas

Want to add a personal touch to your home decorating? Discover our top 5 DIY curtain ideas together with a step-by-step guide for making curtains at home.


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Key steps

Before you get started with your DIY curtains:

  • Decide which type of curtain you want – including the color and type of fabric.

  • Measure the length and width of your window. Add 20cm to the width and 7.5cm to the length.

  • Make sure you have everything you need ready and close by.

A beautiful curtain lifts your room's decoration and can create a perfect atmosphere. But sometimes it's tricky to find the right curtains in a shop. Either they don't fit, or they fit but the pattern is far from your ideal style. But don't worry, we've found 5 stylish DIY curtain ideas for you to make at home, together with helpful tricks and common mistakes to avoid when making DIY curtains.

Once you've made your DIY curtains, remember to clean them with a gentle detergent in order to preserve the fabric and prevent it from getting moldy or dusty.

Homemade curtain ideas

Choosing curtains is often left until last when it comes to home decoration, but it can really make or break a space. Before you get started making your own DIY curtains, find inspiration to create the perfect pair with our top 5 simple curtain ideas:

  1. Light and sheer: when looking for living room homemade curtain ideas, consider the amount of sunlight your room gets. If a room gets a lot of light, it’s best to avoid bright color curtains as they could fade. If it doesn’t get much light, then a neutral palette and airy texture is ideal.

  2. Technicolor geometrics: for an Art-Deco feel, fun and geometric curtains with pops of color fit perfectly in a clean and white space. This is one of our favorite kitchen curtain ideas!

  3. Total darkness: when it comes to bedroom curtain ideas, darker colors and heavy fabrics – such as thick cotton, starchy linens and rich velvets – will keep the light at bay. DIY blackout curtains are great for this kind of space.

  4. Blending monochromatic: curtains in a monochromatic color that perfectly match the décor of a room add a balanced and sophisticated feel. This style is also great to separate a room in two.

  5. DIY roll-up curtains or tie-up curtains: great for baby's nursery, an office or a bedroom if you want a set of lowkey curtains that don't take up a lot of space. They're suitable for a sleek and modern home décor. 

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Making curtains at home: an easy guide

Learning how to make your own curtains is far easier than you might think. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Pins

  • Stitch unpicker

  • Sewing machine

  • Thread to match your chosen fabric

  • Curtain tape (header tape or rufflette)

  • Your chosen fabric

  • Fabric for the lining if you've decided to make lined curtains.

The steps for making curtains:

  1. First, measure your window. Add around 7.5cm to the length and 20cm to the width to cater for the hems when sewing and the folds when hanging.

  2. Cut the curtain panels. Make sure you have straight lines.

  3. Fold the edge of the panel twice. A double hem is best to prevent potential fraying edges being visible.

  4. Pin in place. Use an iron to make sure the edges are neat and straight.

  5. Sew along the top of the fold. Create a hem for the bottom and sides but leave the top without one.

  6. Place the curtain tape flat on top of the curtain. Allow around 2.5cm of curtain material to overlap with the top of the tape.

  7. Cut the tape around 2.5cm longer than the width of your fabric. To create a neat edge, fold 1cm of the end of the curtain tape at each end.

  8. Pin the curtain tape to your material. Fold the curtain material down under the curtain tape – leaving a 1cm clearance.

  9. Sew the curtain tape along the top and bottom. Create 2 seams.

  10. Repeat the same process on the second curtain panel. 

  11. Hang your curtains!

Unless you want to line your DIY curtains, the instructions for how to make kitchen curtains, bedroom curtains, or living room curtains are exactly the same. With our top 5 simple curtain ideas, you have all the windows of your house covered!

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