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Creative TV stand ideas: DIY TV stands to make your living room pop

Read on to discover our top creative TV stand ideas to help you make the most of the space you have and turn it into the comfiest of home cinemas.


TV stand ideas

Key steps

  • Place your TV somewhere it will look good regardless of whether it is in use or not.

  • Make the space cozy with some added fairy lights.

  • Don’t forget to add comfy seating and cushions!

  • Secret snack storage is always a winner!

  • Make use of the wall space available with purpose-built areas around your TV.

If you are one to do back-to-back TV series marathons during the weekend, having the right TV stand can make all the difference. Not only will it position your TV at an angle that is comfortable for you to watch but it will also become the focus point (decoration wise) of your living room.  Try our top TV stand ideas to add personalized flair to your living space and watch your favorite TV show in a space you absolutely love.

Fit some floating shelves to the wall around your TV to add a little something extra to the space without making it too cluttered.

DIY TV stands: 6 fun and simple ideas to change up your space

We all like to change things up a bit, and with these simple DIY TV rack ideas we’ll help you add a little something extra to your living space:

  1. Why not mount your TV on the wall instead of having a stand? This is a great way to save space and make use of the whole room. If you have the space, turn the wall into a feature by adding in a purpose-built media storage unit. With the TV in the center and shelving for consoles, media discs and more. Think about lining the shelves with LED lighting to make it really pop.

  2. A creative TV stand idea is to add wheels to a set bookcase set of selves and turn it into a moveable DIY TV rack. This is a great option if you’re working with a smaller space or a multi-purpose room as a moveable TV stand will allow you to move it away when it’s not in use. Take a look at our DIY bookshelf ideas for added inspiration.

  3. Want to add something to keep the whole family happy? Adapt your TV stand to include snack storage, a mini-fridge or even a foldable table. This is a great way to ensure your movie night goes off without a hitch.

  4. Think a cabinet is old-fashioned? It’s time to change your thinking! A TV in a cupboard can come in handy – with it tucked away until you want it, you’ll be able to use the room for other activities too!

  5. You can create your own DIY TV stand by piling up wooden boxes to create shelves. The advantage of this DIY TV rack is that you can pile as many boxes as you need to find that perfect height you need your TV to be in, while the shelves can be used for storage.

  6. If you have an old chest then why not repurpose it into a TV stand. Not only does it upcycle an old item but it also adds a unique and interesting feature to your home.

Tips for a cozy TV room:

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You can easily transform your living room into the coziest of TV rooms in a blink – all you need to do is follow our tips below:

  • String up fairy lights, add a mounted wall lamp, invest in color changing lighting, or change your ceiling lights to small spotlights that look like stars to add intrigue and mood lighting to the room.

  • Make sure you have comfortable seating, with added extras such as cozy blankets and soft cushions to make the room feel inviting and relaxing.

  • Avoid too many ornaments or trinkets around your TV as this could make the space feel cluttered.

  • Use a neutral color palette to ensure you don’t have any distractions from the TV.

With these easy tips and creative TV stand ideas, all you’ll need to do is seat back, (turn off your phone), and relax, because it’s movie time.

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