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Nursery room ideas

Baby room ideas plus a nursery essentials checklist: here’s how to prepare a room for your new arrival.


nursery room ideas

Key steps

The nursery essentials checklist can be boiled down to 4 things:

  1. Get bedding.

  2. Get monitoring equipment.

  3. Make sure you have storage space.

  4. Make sure you can spend time comfortably in the room as well.

Preparing for a new baby? It’s an exciting time, but there’s a lot to get done. If your baby doesn’t have a space in your home yet, here are some baby room ideas, kicking off with a nursery essentials checklist so you can be sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

You can still play around with baby room ideas even if the nursery is small. Make use of the vertical space with shelves for storage, interesting ceiling lamps or paint a mural on the ceiling.

Nursery room checklist

  • Your new baby needs somewhere cosy to sleep, so the first item on your nursery essentials checklist is probably a crib. Your little one’s going to spend a lot of time sleeping there, so you’ll want it to be sturdy and safe.

  • Get a firm mattress that fits the crib perfectly so baby doesn’t get little limbs caught between the mattress and the side of the bed.

  • You’ll need sheets for the mattress. You can use .

  • It’ll be much easier to keep the mattress clean with a waterproof mattress protector. If you have a couple of these, you can swap a fresh one in when the protector needs to be washed.

  • Do not leave blankets, pillows or toys in the crib with a child who’s less than 1 year old. Loose items or soft bedding can increase the risk of suffocation. If it’s chilly, a wearable baby blanket or baby sleeping bag is fine. As a safer alternative to toys, try hanging a mobile over the crib for baby to look at.

  • A baby monitor lets you keep track of your baby from elsewhere in the home.Babies need a lot of stuff, so storage space is essential. A chest of drawers is a useful place to keep the clothes, diapers and wipes you’ll need for your baby’s (many) changes. You may also want to keep some baby clothes and changing equipment in the bathroom.

  • Get a comfortable chair or two. A good nursing chair will make feeding your baby in the night a lot easier.

Other nursery room ideas

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  • Having shelves or a display cabinet for toys will keep them organized and add color to the room. It also adds some extra storage space for essentials if needed.

  • If the nursery is on the small side, look for a crib with built-in storage. There are plenty of crib designs with drawers underneath, that free up space in the rest of the room.

  • If you’re planning to convert the nursery into your child’s bedroom when they’re older, going with a neutral color scheme might make things easier. Your child will develop their own tastes soon enough, and going with baby girl room ideas that involve a lot of pink might force you to redo the whole room if your daughter ends up deciding she doesn’t like the color! That doesn’t mean that the room has to be colorless, of course, but you could consider adding color with curtains, bright rugs, framed pictures or wall decals rather than painting the entire room.

  • It can be hard to choose a theme for the nursery when you haven’t yet met your baby and you don’t know what they’ll be interested in. One thing almost always holds true, though, whether you’re looking for baby boy room ideas or baby girl room ideas: kids love animals. So animal-themed pictures or toys are likely to go down well. (Be careful not to leave the toys in the crib if your baby is sleeping unattended).

  • Remember that you’ll want to spend time in the nursery, so you’ll want it to be a pleasant place for you as well as for baby. Some more nursery room ideas include making sure there’s comfortable seating for you and for anyone else spending time in there with baby. And a bookcase filled with colorful books will add a lived-in touch (and provide you with reading material as they snooze).

Once you’ve got the nursery ready, you’ll want to make sure your home is a safe place for your baby to explore. Take a look at our article on how to baby proof your home.

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