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Make your own DIY dog bed

Discover how to make an easy DIY dog bed with this guide, including the materials you’ll need and some important safety tips!


Light blue dog bed with rubber dog toys

Key steps

  1. Select a base structure for your DIY dog bed.

  2. Make sure it’s suitable for a dog by checking for smooth surfaces and no inappropriate materials.

  3. Add plenty of cushions and blankets.

  4. Be sure to wash regularly to prevent the build-up of that unmistakable doggy smell.

From vet bills to food and toys, owning a pet can rack up the bills. Thankfully, you can have one less thing to pay for by making a stylish, comfortable, and affordable DIY dog bed at home. This step-by-step guide includes three easy-to-make dog beds, with tips to personalize this project for your own special doggy friend.

Make sure the fabrics you use are suitable for your dog and never include any small items or finishing details that could become choking hazards.

How to make a dog bed: DIY puppy bed

The easiest way to make a dog bed is to use something you already have lying around the house. Here are a few suggestions for an easy DIY dog bed:

  • Old suitcase/drawer dog bed

  1. Remove the fiddly bits from an old suitcase, secure it open and pad it with comfy sheets.

  2. Upholster an old dog bed with funky new material.

  3. Use old drawers with lots of pillows (ideal for smaller pooches).

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  • Pallet dog bed

  1. Find an old wooden shipping pallet and sand it down to ensure there are no sharp edges or splinters.

  2. Paint it with your preferred color, but be sure to use a non-toxic paint.

  3. Varnish it thoroughly to ensure a smooth finish.

  4. Place an appropriately sized cushion inside to cover the base.

  5. Layer your dog’s favorite blankets on top.

  • Bedside table dog bed

Like most dog lovers, you probably never want to be too far from your pup. If you have a large bedside table with space underneath it, you can create a fun DIY puppy bed right beside yours:

  1. Choose an area under your bedside table or remove the drawers from a small chest to create a dog-sized nook.

  2. Make sure the surfaces are smooth and the paintwork isn’t chipped.

  3. Layer a large cushion on the bottom.

With these three easy-to-make dog beds, you are now filled with ideas to experiment and find which one works best for you and your furry friend. Remember, whatever type of dog bed you choose, it’s important to clean them regularly to prevent buildup of that classic dog smell. Read our guide on how to remove pet smell from the house for more information!

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