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DIY birthday decorations and clean-up

It’s time to celebrate with these DIY birthday decorations that will make your little one’s birthday that bit more special.


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Key steps:

  1. Gather recycled jars, glasses, and material lying around your house

  2. Wash out jars and glasses

  3. Make sure you have the basic craft essentials at the ready (paint, confetti, balloons, glitter, string, glue, etc.)

If you aren’t the most creative person in the world, don’t panic! The key to birthday decoration ideas DIY-style is simple: enthusiasm. These ideas are simple, time-efficient, and – most importantly – fun for everyone.

Homemade birthday decoration ideas for kids

Behind every great birthday party, there are fabulous birthday decorations. If your child’s birthday is on the horizon and you aren’t sure where, to begin with decorating, you’ve come to the right place.

The best part about these homemade birthday decoration ideas? You can make them from recycled materials you have lying around the home. To top it all off, we’ve also included some of our best tips to make cleaning up after the party a breeze. Let’s get started on crafting an awesome DIY birthday backdrop!

DIY Birthday Decorations

  • Recycled Candy Jars: The trick to successful homemade birthday decoration ideas for kids is to include things that kids like – and what kid doesn’t like candy? Nothing says “dig in” like jars of candy scattered around a children’s party. Fill recycled jars with your child’s favorite sugary treats. Not only will the kids love them, but they will add a fun, colorful touch to the festivities. 

  • Ribbon DIY Birthday Backdrop: It’s surprising how much extra ribbon can accumulate around the house after years of holidays and gift wrapping. Put this extra ribbon to good use and make a pretty backdrop against your wall.

  • Painted Bottle Centerpiece: When it comes to homemade birthday decoration ideas, DIY doesn’t mean you always have to do it yourself. Invite your child to help you paint recycled bottles to use as a centerpiece during the party. This is a fun craft that both you and your child can enjoy together – not to mention, your guests will love the results.

  • Festive Balloons: Balloons at a birthday party aren’t exactly a groundbreaking innovation. But why not take this classic birthday decoration and add a special flare to it? Invite the birthday boy or girl to fill the balloons with confetti or to dip the blown-up balloon in sparkles.

  • Cupcake Liner Garland: Cupcakes are a classic birthday party staple and can often lead to extra ingredients and cupcake-making essentials going to waste. If you have any extra cupcake liners lying around, surprise your guests with an easy-to-make, festive garland. Simply string together your cupcake liners and hang them up on the wall or ceiling.

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Clean-up time!

Now that you have a few DIY birthday decorations up your sleeve, you probably want to know the best cleaning up tips for when the fun comes to an end. After all, as awesome as homemade birthday decorations for kids may be, children tend to be a bit messy. Below are a few hacks to ensure quick and easy clean-up time post-birthday celebration:

  • Stain removers at the ready: Children spill things, that’s just a fact of life. Rather than fighting it, make sure you have your stain removers ready to jump to the rescue. Lemon and baking soda are two well-known ingredients when it comes to combatting stains, so be sure to have them both nearby during the party.

  • Ensure an empty dishwasher beforehand: Make cleaning up easier by having an already empty dishwasher ready to go before the party. There’s no better way to delay party clean-up than by having a full dishwasher backing things up. 

  • Place trash and recycle bins throughout the party: The best way to encourage your guests to throw things away is to make sure there are plenty of garbage and recycling bags scattered throughout the house. 

  • Clear the countertops and tables of valuable items: With rooms full of people or children running around, it is easy for someone to bump against tables and knock valuable times on the floor. To prevent this from happening, just put these items away. 

  • Know what to keep and what to chuck: Think twice about what is garbage and what can be recycled for the next party. Organize separate piles of what can be thrown away and what you can neatly save and store for a future DIY birthday backdrop or makeshift centerpiece.

Remember that the most important thing is you enjoy the process of making these decorations. The final result might impress you more than you think, especially when you see your little one's happy face! If you are anxious about having people over for a party because your house is a bit cramped with clutter, then continue reading Wiki Tips English for more information on how to organize and declutter your home.

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