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Handy Tricks to Make Your Designer Clothes Last Longer

Your expensive designer clothes can start appearing dull or kupas if you don’t care for them properly. Follow our simple cleaning tips to keep them in good condition for a longer time.


Designer Clothes for Washing

You buy expensive clothes for those bongga special occasions but end up wearing them only once in a while. With the investment on each piece of expensive clothing comes the need for proper maintenance. If they are not taken care of properly sayang lang, there are chances you might have to discard your favorite piece of designer wear sooner than you anticipated. Wag naman sana! Don’t worry though, with some expert care tips, your designer clothes could get a long lease of life.

Try these simple but highly useful tips to increase the lifespan of your favorite designer clothes.

  1. Wash Inside-Out

    Always wash your clothes inside-out to protect the colors and prevent fading. Also, use cold water and mild detergent for the wash. It is advisable to steam-iron your designer outfits to avoid damage to fancy stones and embellishments or designs on the clothing, if any.

  2. Hang Some, Fold Others

    Avoid folding clothes that need to be hung, like dresses and shirts, to prevent them from creasing. Avoid hanging clothes that need to be folded, like sweaters and other knitwear, as there is a risk they may get stretched and lose shape.

  3. Follow Care Labels

    Read the wash care tags on your clothes carefully. They usually give you specific instructions about how to wash, dry, and iron your clothes correctly. If you follow the instructions on the care label, your garments will remain in mint condition after every laundry session. For washing, we recommend using Comfort Care Detergent because it has the technology to fight the wear-and-tear of your clothes, keeping them looking and feeling new for longer!

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Give your favorite designer clothing a longer life with these easy-to-follow tips. Extra care for extra life!

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