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Pre-holiday washing & holiday packing tips

Follow our fool-proof holiday packing tips and learn how to pack a suitcase and keep clothes smelling fresh before a holiday.

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To help save you the last-minute stress, we’ve put together these essential holiday packing tips. We’ve also included some washing advice to make sure your clothes arrive as fresh as when you packed them.

Start your trip with a suitcase of fresh, soft clothing by using good quality laundering products like  and for your pre-holiday washing.

Learn how to pack a suitcase and keep clothes smelling fresh before a holiday

  1. How to pack a suitcase?

    When packing a suitcase, there are two main things you want to consider:

    1. How can you spread weight evenly to make your case easier to carry, and protect breakable items; and

    2. How can you make sure your clothes stay as neat and tidy as possible during transit.

    Our holiday packing tips will take care of the first question, while our pre-holiday washing advice will answer the second.

  2. Pre-holiday washing advice

    It’s all very well neatly rolling clothes to pack in your suitcase but what if they arrive with unexplained marks or smelling less than fresh? Nobody wants their holiday wardrobe to feel tired before they’ve even worn it, so to keep clothes smelling fresh, make sure you follow our pre-holiday washing tips:

    Wash all your clothes before packing. and will keep clothes smelling fresh.

  3. Iron your clothes before packing

    For drying, use Comfort Fresh Sky Tumble Drier Sheets, then make sure you iron your clothes too. This will help keep material as flat as possible when rolling clothes to pack and avoid creases.

With these washing and holiday packing tips, getting ready for your time away has never been easier.

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Remember to try rolling clothes for packing instead of folding or throwing items into your suitcase and always wash your clothes with a good quality detergent before popping them in your holiday bag. Happy travelling!

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