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How to remove ketchup stains

Ketchup can add flavour to some of your favourite meals but it doesn't look great on your clothes! Read on for top tips on removing ketchup stains on clothes.

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Fish and chips with ketchup

Many kids love a big blob of tomato ketchup on their burger, or in a little dish to dip their chips in to. There is, however, a downside to tomato ketchup – the stains. Tomato sauces have a very deep, rich red colour that can wreak havoc on white clothing, but here are some strategies to get those nasty ketchup stains out.

You will need:

  • Cloth
  • Washing machine
  • Persil Bio

How to remove ketchup stains

If the clothing that you’ve stained can be popped in the washing machine then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. In fact, removing ketchup stains isn’t actually any more difficult than removing any other type of stain. For quick and simple stain removal, follow this step-by-step guide on how to get ketchup out of clothing.

  1. Gently remove any excess ketchup

    Remove any excess ketchup gently before continuing – use a clean cloth, or flush it with cool water.

  2. Check the care label

    Check the care label of your garment for advice on how to wash it. If it says ‘dry-clean only’, you’ll need to take it into the dry cleaner’s.

  3. Pop in the washing machine if pressed for time

    If you’re pressed for time, you could just pop the clothing in the wash with a good detergent, such as , which guarantees full stain removal for tomato sauce.

  4. Pre-treat the stain before washing

    You can also pre-treat the ketchup stain – gently rub detergent into the fabric before putting it in a normal wash cycle.

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How to get ketchup out of clothes

Who doesn’t love a side of ketchup with their meal? It might be the best accompaniment to chips, but the bright red colour of ketchup means that it will stain instantly if you get it on your clothes. However, it is possible to remove nasty ketchup stains. Before putting your item of clothing into the washing machine, clean off any excess ketchup. Make sure to pre-treat the stain by rubbing some laundry detergent into the fabric and wash as normal.

Now you know how to get rid of ketchup stains on clothes, you and your kids can enjoy a big dollop of ketchup with your dinner without fear of any spillages! For more, take a look at our full guide for getting different kinds of stains out of different fabrics.

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