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How to keep your house cool in the summer

Here we'll share a simple guide for how to keep your house cool in the summer.

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Everyone wants a good, undisturbed rest at night, but it can be hard to keep cool in the summer, especially if you don’t have air conditioning. Knowing how to keep the house cool at night can ensure you are comfortable and give you the best chance of sleeping throughout the night. Here’s our guide for how to stay cool at night and how to keep your house cool in the summer, once the sun goes down.

If you need to cool down after a long day in the sun, a tip for how to stay cool at night is to dampen a flannel in cold water and dab your neck and shoulders. Keep it by your bedside in case you get hot in the night.

How to keep your house cool in the summer

  1. How to keep house cool in summer using blinds

    The best way to ensure that your house is cool in the summer is to monitor the temperature inside during the day. For example, keep the blinds in your bedroom(s) down during the day to minimise the amount of heat that gets into them which will ensure that the rooms can’t overheat. This simple step will help to keep your home cooler at night so that you can rest more easily.

  2. How to cool a room with fans

    Whilst air conditioning units provide a great solution to the problem of how to cool down a room fast if you don’t have one you can improvise. You can learn how to cool down a room fast with your very own homemade air conditioner. To make one, simply place a container full of ice in front of your fan. As it melts, the ice will form a cool mist and mimic the actions of an air conditioning unit.

  3. How to cool down a room with two fans creating a breeze

    One of the best ways to keep your house cool in summer is to create a cross breeze. By placing a fan directly opposite an open window, and another at another point in the room, you will dramatically increase the airflow.

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How to Cool Down a Room Fast

Most people, especially in the UK, love the warm summer months. From the longer days to the much-needed sunshine, summer can be an amazing time. But with all that ice cream and seaside escapes comes heat and humidity, which can be a downer when you're trying to keep cool in your home, especially at night! With air conditioning not yet commonplace in most British homes, if you're looking for how to cool down a room fast - be it your bedroom to ensure a good night's sleep or your living room to settle in for the evening - then you've come to the right place! Once you learn how to cool down a room fast your summers will be much more comfortable. Now you have some simple steps you can try to work out how to keep your house cool in the summer, you will hopefully be able to get a good night’s sleep when it gets hot.    

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