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5 genius bedroom storage ideas for small rooms

Put these clever storage ideas for small bedrooms into practice and cut down on clutter in your home.


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Octagonal shelving with books and flower pot in genius storage idea
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Key Steps

Remember these rules when maximising your space:

  • Use storage furniture to make use of "lost" space.

  • Store items on your walls - not just books on shelves but hooks for jackets etc.

  • Get more from your wardrobe with stackable storage containers and hooks.

  • Use the back of your bedroom door to hang dressing gowns or jackets.

Whilst small bedrooms are cute and cosy, it can be difficult to ensure they are also tidy and organised. If your bedroom is looking cluttered or you’re wondering how you’ll fit your stuff in then our clever storage ideas for small bedrooms could help!

When looking for clever storage ideas for small bedrooms, have a sort out. Not everything in your bedroom is used there, so donate it or store it elsewhere.

Five top bedroom storage ideas for small bedrooms

When looking for bedroom storage ideas, we have five tips to help you maximise your space:

1. Purchase multi-purpose furniture

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Whether you have a bedside table with drawers that doubles as underwear storage or an ottoman bed with storage built inside there are plenty of options for utilising your furniture and avoiding clutter. If you want your room to function as a workspace as well as a sleeping space, check out our tips on combining an office with a bedroom in a small room.

2. Invest in under bed storage

If you don’t want to buy a new bed, then make sure you use the space beneath your current one. Budget friendly storage is readily available and can be used to store bed linen, shoes and more out of sight.

3. Utilise clear wall space

A large mirror can make any room feel bigger while photos and artwork add a personal touch – but your walls are perfect for storage too! Install hooks for jackets and shelves for books and more.

Some of our favourite bedroom shelving ideas include:

  • Place shelves high on the wall to draw the eye upwards making the room feel bigger.

  • Paint or buy shelves in light colours to help your room feel bright and airy.

  • Pop shelves in places that would usually be unused, such as above the door.

  • Keep furniture uncluttered by using shelves for items like makeup and hair products.

4. Wardrobes are not just for hanging dresses and shirts

Your wardrobe is already full of clothes, so how can you possibly get more storage out of it? Try these clever wardrobe storage solutions for small bedrooms and find out!

  • Use stackable storage containers to hold folded jumpers & t-shirts in the bottom.

  • Pop hooks on the back of the door to hang belts, necklaces and more.

  • Turn the rail around. This may require a bit of DIY but hanging items from back to front instead of side to side will utilise the wardrobe space better.

5. Don’t forget to use the back of your door

It is easy to add a hook or two to the back of your bedroom door to hang dressing gowns, jackets and other clothing. If you don’t want to drill holes into your door for this then you can buy brackets that hang over the top of the door instead.

With these top tips for choosing the right bedroom storage for small rooms you can ensure you have a tidy, organised and functional space to enjoy.

Health Warning

Make sure you follow all safety precautions when attempting any DIY. Always use tools safely and consult a professional if unsure.

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