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What’s the best way to fold shirts?

Need to know how to fold a shirt for packing, or an easy way to fold clothes to fit in your drawers? Learn the best way to fold shirts, here.

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What’s the best way to fold shirts

In a way, ‘what’s the best way to fold shirts?’ is a trick question. If you want to store your shirts without getting them creased, the best way is to hang them up. Not everyone has a wardrobe, though, and there are situations in which hangers aren’t an option; you might need to know how to fold clothes for packing, for example. Here’s a rundown on how to fold clothes to save space.

We’re looking at dress shirts and T-shirts today. If you’re hoping to fold other items, our article on how to fold clothes like a pro will help you find an easy way to fold clothes of all sorts.

Key Steps

If you’re looking for the best way to fold shirts:

  1. Hang dress shirts up, where possible.

  2. With your shirt buttoned up (if applicable) and facedown, fold the sleeves inwards, then the sides, and then fold up from the bottom.

  3. Roll T-shirts for travel.

  4. Use the KonMari method if there’s vertical space going to waste in your drawers.

You can keep your shirt collar’s shape and gain a little more space simultaneously by storing something inside the collar to hold it open, such as a coiled belt or balled-up pair of socks.

How to fold clothes to save space in wardrobes: the Marie Kondo method

You might have heard the KonMari folding method is the best way to fold clothes, and it can certainly save on space. On account of the different collars, it works better for T-shirts than dress shirts. The KonMari method goes like this:

  1. Lay your garment out flat.

    Fold one side – roughly a third of the item – inwards, across the vertical middle. If there’s a long sleeve, fold it back to keep it within the rectangle of clothing you’re creating.

  2. Do the same for the other side.

    Fold the entire thing in half from top to bottom.

  3. Still working from top to bottom, fold it again into thirds.

    The resulting little parcel of clothing should be able to stand up on its end, meaning you can make use of the vertical space in your drawers or wardrobe.

Is it holiday time? Right below, find out the best way to fold shirts for travel!

How to fold clothes for packing – no wrinkles

If you want to save space and prevent wrinkles, you can roll T-shirts for travel. You’ll need to make sure they’re rolled tightly, though. Using a fabric conditioner, such as Comfort Intense Fresh Sky, will leave stiff clothes feeling more flexible and easier to roll.

Here’s the method:

  1. Lay the T-shirt out flat.

    Fold the bottom of the T-shirt upwards for a few centimetres, over the outside, all around the hem. You’re essentially creating a pocket at the bottom.

  2. Fold both sides of the T-shirt inwards towards the vertical middle.

    Fold it in half across the vertical middle, so you end up with a tall, thin rectangle.

  3. Roll tightly down from the top to the bottom.

    When you reach the bottom, tuck the rolled-up T-shirt into the pocket you made earlier, so it’ll keep its shape in your suitcase.

This also works for skirts and dresses. For dress shirts, though, see below.

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How to fold a shirt for packing or drawer storage

Working with a dress shirt? You can still roll it as a space saver, but it’s not necessarily the best way to fold shirts for travel if you want the collar to come out looking pristine. Here’s how to fold a shirt for packing.

This is also a nice, neat method for how to fold clothes for drawers. You can do this for T-shirts as well, skipping step two if you’re working with something short-sleeved.

  1. Button the shirt and lay it flat, facedown, with the sleeves spread out. Fold the sleeves across the middle of the shirt, then fold the ends of the sleeves upwards so the cuffs are right below the back of the collar.

  2. Fold each side into the middle, so the two sides of the shirt are up against each other. You should be looking at a tall rectangle of shirt with a dividing line down the middle and the back of the collar at the top.

  3. Going up from the bottom, fold the shirt in half or into thirds.

  4. Flip the shirt over. You should have a neat rectangle or square with the collar facing upwards.

Now that you know how to fold a shirt for packing or storage, you can save space and be left with a feeling of accomplishment. There’s something deeply satisfying about a well-organised drawer or suitcase.

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