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How To Get Rid Of Bathroom Mould

Got a mould problem? Learn how to get rid of mould in bathrooms, from surfaces to textiles, and how to prevent mould in bathroom areas with our handy tips.



Nothing can ruin a relaxing bath or refreshing shower more than finding mould in your bathroom. Rather than letting those pesky spores get you down, follow our tips to get rid of mould in bathrooms the easy way.

Keep a window open (possibly with a net to keep insects away) to make sure your bathroom is well-ventilated at all times. This will help prevent mould infestations. If it gets cold, use a fan and keep the bathroom door open.

How to get rid of bathroom mould

The method you use to remove mould in the bathroom will depend on what surface you need to clean. Delicate materials may not be suitable for cleaning with harsh chemicals like bleach, so always check first.

  1. How to remove bathroom mould from non-porous materials

Non-porous materials include tiles, glass and enamel and are commonly found on shower cubicles, bath tubs, and toilets. To get rid of mould in bathroom fixtures like these, use a bleach-based cleaner like .

  • Wear protective gear and clothing and make sure the bathroom is well-ventilated

  • Apply the product to the affect areas following the directions on the label

  • Leave it to work for a few minutes

  • Scrub the area thoroughly with a colourfast cloth

  • With a new cloth dampened in cool water, wipe the area clean

  • Dry thoroughly with a dry cloth and keep the room ventilated for a few minutes

  1. How to remove bathroom mould from porous materials

Porous materials like wood, drywall and grout are prone to serious mould infestations that require a little extra cleaning. Bleach-based products do not work as well here, so try using white vinegar instead.

  • Pour some white (not malt or cider) vinegar into a spray bottle

  • Spray the vinegar onto the mould stain

  • Wait for a few minutes and scrub with a clean, colourfast cloth

  • Repeat as needed until the mould is fully removed

  • Wipe the area with a clean cloth dipped in water

  • Dry the area with another clean cloth

How to get rid of mould in bathroom textiles

Damp bathroom mats, towels and shower curtains are a breeding ground for mats. Get rid of mould in bathroom textiles by washing with a powerful detergent, and hang them up to dry after each use to prevent mould forming in the future.

  • Pre-treat mould stains with a liquid detergent like OMO – gently rubbing into stains

  • If the item is machine washable, pop it in the machine on a high temperature

  • If the item cannot be washed in the machine, hand wash it instead

  • Dry the item naturally – sunlight can bleach fabric so try to hang white items outside

  • Repeat this process until any mould stains are full removed

How to prevent mould in bathrooms

Knowing how to get rid of mould in bathrooms is one thing, but why not stop the problem before it even has time to develop? All it takes is a few simple habits:

  • Keep your bathroom well ventilated by opening windows or installing a fan

  • Wipe your shower or bath after use to remove excess water

  • Leave shower curtains open to dry after use

  • Hang bath mats, towels and other soft furnishings to dry after use

With these tips, you can prevent mould in bathrooms and remove infestations if and when they do occur – no need to let black spots ruin your bath anymore!

  • Keep the bathroom well-ventilated

  • Use protective gear and clothing if using bleach-based products

  • Always wipe surfaces clean after treating them with a specialist product

  • Pre-treat and wash mouldy textiles with a detergent like OMO Ultimate Liquid

  • Dry fabrics naturally, and preferably in sunlight, after washing them

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